The Karma.

Yes, the dinosaur media has already dubbed Cleveland’s next potential heartbreak, assuming the Chicago Cubs will win Game 7 of the World Series.

The ‘karma’ refers a summer of celebrating the Cleveland Cavaliers rally from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA championship. To lose a similar lead in baseball would provide just desserts to those who gloated on the demise of the Golden State Warriors the past four months.

‘The Karma’ would join Red Right 88, The Drive, The Fumble, The Move, The Decision and Jose Mesa in Cleveland sports lore.

This is why the Indians need Game 7 more.

The Cubs own Chicago, and everywhere else. Millions have abandoned the DNA of loyalty towards local teams and Fly the W on social media.

Outspoken college football coach Mike Leach chimed in on the phenomena in a weekly presser. He suggested ‘every yuppie with a BMW or some special attachment to its computer or designer set of jeans is a Cubs fan. My Cubbies, if you say ‘my’ in front of your team, that’s dubious’

Leach continues to cement himself as a classic discussing baseball over potential game plans for his next Pac-12 opponent. And Washington State athletics is not unlike the Cleveland Indians, what they do does not often make a sound.

That is also the case of another American League Central baseball team. At the start of the series a TV outlet out of Connecticut presented a graphic comparing titles between Chicago and Cleveland over the past 50 years. Six Bulls logos, three Blackhawks trademarks and a Bears logo appeared on the Chicago ledger.

I guess the 2005 White Sox World Series sweep of the Houston Astros did not count, must have been too easy. The South Side team gets the respect of an independent league entry.

On the field, the Chicago Cubs future is outright scary and should be admired. Although MLB teams do not stay intact for long, the Cubs represent one of the youngest teams in baseball and will likely knock on the playoff and World Series door for the foreseeable.

In other words, forget about the past 108 years, this franchise has quickly become a juggernaut.

For Cleveland, forget the fact that they struggle to draw 10,000 on many weeknights during the season. Outside of the mid-1990s, title chances come along with the frequency of Halley’s Comet. Most so-called experts predicted a third or fourth place finish for the club who this month somehow rolled past the Red Sox and Blue Jays to reach the Fall Classic.

But with a meager payroll and limited revenue streams, Cleveland’s window for playoff success is about one shot every ten years. A loss in Game 7 will be compared to a similar 3-1 lead squandered in the 2007 American League Championship Series.

So it is Corey Kluber against Cubs Nation (a.k.a the world) in Game 7. If baseball gods have a heart, Indian Summer lasts one more night.





In the past 47 years a lot of broadcast talent has made its way through the Milwaukee Brewers radio booth – a list that includes the legendary Bob Uecker, the also legendary Merle Harmon, Lorn Brown (better known as a White Sox announcer), Pat Hughes (current Cubs radio), Jim Powell (currently on Braves radio), Cory Provus (Twins radio) and Joe Block (Pirates radio).

For the 1982 and ’83 seasons, Dwayne Mosley served as Uecker’s sidekick. At the time Mosely worked for WISN radio, who held the Brewers broadcast rights for three years, the only time in franchise history games did not air on WTMJ radio.

During that era Uecker also did work with ABC television, who televised the 1982 American League Championship Series between the Brewers and California Angels. Uecker ducked for the locker room for the postgame celebration for television, which left Mosley to call the final out of the Brewers only pennant winner to date…

‘It’s over! The Brewers have won the American League pennant! Milwaukee – you have a World Series!’

That leads to current Cleveland Indians voice Tom Hamilton, who was 26 and cutting his teeth in the Wisconsin radio market when the Brewers made the World Series. Here is his call of the final out of the 2016 ALCS (go to 3:36)..

‘BALLGAME! The Indians have won the American League pennant! And Cleveland, for the sixth time ever, you will have a World Series!’

Hamilton also provided another editorial on the Toronto Blue Jays fan base when the obligatory fan ran on the field before the bottom of the ninth began – and asked why it took so long to escort him off the field.

Meanwhile, a quick research reveals Dwayne Mosley currently serves as president of Old Abe Trail Brewing.