The Green Bay Packers chances of advancing to the 2017 NFL Playoffs are slim and none. But at least Slim appears to be back in town.

But if Aaron Rodgers can help to get the Packers to run the table over the next three weeks, Green Bay has a fighting chance.

The FiveThirtyEight website currently gives Green Bay a six percent probability to make the playoffs, which pales in comparison to fellow 7-6 teams such as Baltimore (81 percent), Kansas City (74 percent), LA Chargers (34 percent) and fellow NFC North rival Detroit (16 percent).

But if the Packers record victories at Carolina, v. Minnesota and at Detroit their playoff probability rises up to 84 percent, along with a two percent chance of winning Super Bowl LII back at the scene of Anthony Barr’s crime in Minneapolis on Feb. 4.

But a loss at Carolina reduces Green Bay’s chances to three percent, even with a 9-7 finish.

Considering the team needed overtime to get past lowly Tampa Bay and Cleveland, this could be Aaron Rodgers tallest order yet.


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