As has been said before, this NFL simulation is simply a dramatization of events of the past 50 seasons in an alternative universe.

It is fiction, and did not actually occur in any way, shape or form.

That said, I could not have the Buffalo Bills go 0-4 in the Super Bowl in simulation just as had happened in real life.

In this simulation, the Bills circled the wagons once and for all.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.00.43 AM

  • Jerry Rice’s career peaks at this point, he scored on a 99-yard touchdown pass against Atlanta and scored four times in a late-season game v. the Rams in the regular season simulation. Still, Rice has only scored 53 times in simulation games, far behind his prolific real-life pace.
  • There would be no significant turnaround in Brett Favre’s first season as Green Bay quarterback, as the Packers finished 6-10 v. their real-life 9-7.
  • It was a good year for parity, the Dallas Cowboys represented the lone 14 game winner while everyone outside the 2-14 Cincinnati Bengals finished with at last five wins.

The Houston Oilers did not have to go to Buffalo, they stayed home in the wild card round but lost just the same to the New York Jets. The defending sim champion New Orleans Saints snuck into the playoffs as a number six seed and scored road wins against the third-seeded Vikings and top seeded Cowboys. The Saints bid for a return trip to the Super Bowl ended with a 36-23 loss at San Francisco in the NFC Championship game.

As a number one seed the Bills were able to stay at home on the road to Pasadena. For a third consecutive year the Steelers visited upstate New York, this time in the AFC Championship. A 23-17 win sent the Bills to Pasadena for a meeting with the 49ers in a Super Bowl predicted annually at ESPN-land.

For two and a half quarters it appeared the Niners would be headed for a third world championship as they built a 13-0 lead. But Jim Kelly rallied the Bills with touchdown passes to James Lofton and Don Beebe. The Buffalo defense held down the fort in the closing minutes and the Bills finally had their championship with a 14-13 triumph.


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