(This simulation of a professional football season is a dramatization – It did not actually take place in any way, shape or form.)

In real life Don Shula, Bill Parcells, Dan Reeves, Dick Vermeil, Mike Holmgren and John Fox have taken two teams to pro football’s biggest stage.

John Fox remains a coaching icon. I say that to yank someone’s string.

In KACSPORTS sim NFL project, George Allen has just taken the others one better in just six years.

The fortunes of Washington football gained a pulse with Vince Lombardi’s arrival in 1969, only to take a step back with the coach’s untimely passing a year later.

George Allen the arrived on the scene, and what became known as the Over The Hill gang quickly followed.

At the height of the Cold War, Allen’s mantra was ‘The Future Is Now’. There would be no multi-year rebuilding plan. The franchise traded all of their top draft picks annually. Allen had no patience for rookies.

He was the anti-Ted Thompson/Mike McCarthy. Washington also stayed in contention for most of the 1970s despite the presence of the arch-rival Dallas Cowboys.

In real life, Allen’s team made the divisional round of the 1971 playoffs, in the sim, his team defeats the Baltimore Colts 12-7 in Super Bowl VI, adding a second trophy along with his Rams Super Bowl I trophy.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 7.50.20 PM

Washington earned the NFC’s Wild Card spot with a 12-2 record and then defeated Minnesota 13-3 in the divisional round, ending the Vikings quest for a third consecutive sim World Championship. Allen’s squad then traveled to Dallas and ended the Cowboys bid for a 17-0 season with a 20-13 victory. The Cowboys were the third team in the sim competition to complete an undefeated season, joining the 1967 Raiders (won Super Bowl II) and the 1968 Colts (lost in divisional round).

Other highlights of the 1971 WhatIfSports simulation include..

  • The Cincinnati Bengals followed their 1970 AFC Championship with a 12-2 record, only to lose to Miami in the divisional round.
  • Two teams would go 0-14 on the season, the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets. The Jets winless season comes just two seasons after their second consecutive Super Bowl appearance.

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