What if we just revised the NFL history of the Super Bowl era?

  • Would Vince Lombardi again ride off into the sunset with the Packers victorious in the first two AFL/NFL championship games?
  • Can the American Football League again shock the world with an early Super Bowl win?
  • Could the Miami Dolphins go undefeated again? Or another team such as the 1985 Bears or 2007 Patriots.
  • Can Bud Grant finally win a Super Bowl for the Minnesota Vikings?
  • Can the Cleveland Browns just get to a Super Bowl?
  • Would teams come from absolutely nowhere to win it all?
  • Would the championship trophy even be named after Lombardi?
  • Can O.J. Simpson replicate or even exceed 2,003 rushing yards in a 14-game season?

KACSPORTS has started an exhaustive project where entire seasons will be replayed through WhatIfSports. The games will be simulated once (not a thousand times) with the entire schedule and playoff formats for appropriate eras intact, with a few exceptions.

There will be surprises some years, and other seasons that will look much like their real-life counterparts. This special series will commence shortly, get ready to feel like 1966 all over again!




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