Last weekend a mixed marital arts event aired on Spike TV that pitted Dada 5000 (age 38 in just the third sanctioned bout of his career) against Kimbo Slice (age 42), two combatants supposedly familiar with each other back from their street fighting days in Florida.

  • Dada 5000 sounds like an off-road race in the desert
  • Kimbo Slice sounds like something one might order from the food court pizzeria.

By all accounts Dada and Slice stumbled like Democratic presidential candidates before Slice was awarded the win via TKO in the third round.

The comical nature of the event with both fighters clearly out of shape made for good social media banter until news broke that Dada 5000 had been rushed to a hospital.

It is all fun and games until someone collapses with severe dehydration, renal failure and cardiac arrest.

As Dada recovered at a Houston hospital, comedian/television analyst Joe Rogan appeared on a podcast for another MMA event. As part of a general rant on the lack of quality of the fight, Rogan suggested that Dada’s heart stopped due to ‘cheeseburgers, fried chicken and orange soda’.

Rogan should have upgraded to bacon cheeseburgers and Mountain Dew.

The expected backlash came through various blogs, and Yahoo Sports shortened its headline to ‘Fried Chicken and Orange Soda’. Meanwhile Dada 5000’s camp called out Rogan for ‘overt racism’.

Rogan can be too intelligent and potty-mouthed for his own good. With 765 episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast floating around, there are literally thousands of hours worth of off-color comments to Rogan’s name.

This firestorm will pass, Rogan might have to sit out a telecast or two but whatever unwanted mainstream attention he may have garner will disappear with the next controversial statement in sports or politics. And as it stands the lines of colorful commentary become blurred in the world of MMA and stand-up comedy.

On Tuesday a director producing a documentary elaborated on Dada 5000’s preparation as he lost 40 lbs. He noted that Dada went without water so he could make weight (265 lbs) and his potassium level became elevated due to a diet of eggs and bananas.

There goes the PC buzzword food alarm again..



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