I am back!

Over the past 15 years I have existed on the internet in various forms. In 2000 I developed a site I called KACSPORTS.COM, for lack of a better or available name.

That site existed for about nine years until I no longer had time to continue to arrange HTML and other things needed to keep the site fresh. I simply provided sports news and later on accompanied the site with a blog.

In 2010 I became a writer for a site known as Midwest Sports Fans, which lasted until 2014 when the site owner handed off the reigns to one of his University of Indiana buddies, who promptly drove the site into the ground. I am thankful though that my tenure with that site ultimately led me to my current full-time job in journalism.

And like most people, I have had a presence on social media in recent years, a platform that I have gradually became tired of.

Which leads me to today. What will you find on the new KACSPORTS?

  • On many occasions sports, after all I put down sports as my subject matter to WordPress. What you will not see is me jump on a trendy breaking story covered by numerous blogs run by Fox Sports, USA Today, etc., etc., etc.
  • Fantasy sports, in particular evil daily fantasy sports. I have tips to help you win, or at least make a small profit.
  • Politics – Warning, I am not one who sides with either the Democratic or Republican Party. I do follow some of the geopolitical scene.
  • Religion – Another warning, I am somewhat secular – although Atheists drive me just as nuts as bible thumpers. I have my own religion:)
  • Travel/Food – My favorite places to visit, favorite restaurants, fast food joints etc. (clue: McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s not on my list)
  • And – Radio/TV/Internet Social media and what pisses me off about it. And anything else not covered above I feel a need to rant on.

So there you have it. I do not do this for profit, and different from ESPN garbage. It is now open season, enjoy!





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